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Technical Specifications:

  • Eingebaute Volumenpumpe
  • Kessel und Leitungen aus Kupfer
  • Einzel-Manometer - Doppelte Messskala
  • Wasserstandsausgleich im Kessel
  • 2 Dampfgeber
  • Manueller Sicherheitsstromkreis
  • Pumpen und Kesseldruckmanometer
  • Maße B/H/T 720/537/528
  • Gewicht 62 Kg
  • Spannung 230v 50Hz
  • Leistung: 3050 Watt


With its innovative design Sanremo is a completely new approach to the model ZOE. For the first time ever in an espresso machine, the chassis is returned as an integral design element to the outside. As a result, this machine combines two fundamental aspects: Attractive design with economics. This means that ZOE is not only beautiful, but also cheap! Named the ZOE is based on the novel "Invisible City" by Italo Calvino, is swept into the outside everything inside for ...


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Sanremo SR 70 Kaffeemühle

Technical Specifications:

  • Trichterinhalt: 1500 gr.
  • Leistung: 220 - 230 Volt / 50/60 Hz
  • Gewicht 14 Kg
  • Abmessungen: (BxHxT) 23 x 61 x 27 cm
  • Zählwerk


To prevent loss of flavor, Grind on Demand mills is ground only the amount of coffee beans, which is needed to prepare the desired coffee. The dosage is via a timer in the mill. The conventional dosing espresso grinders deleted.

This followed a consistent quality in every cup and equal treatment of all customers, as is ground fresh for each cup.


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Technical Specifications:

  • B: 695mm
  • T: 508mm
  • H: 460mm
  • Boiler: 10,5L
  • Heizelement: 3.000W
  • Edelstahl Dampfdüsen
  • Heißwasserlanze mit Spritzschutz
  • Kesselwasser-Füllautomatik
  • Heizwiderstandsschutz inbegriffen
  • Eingebaute Motorpumpe Gewicht: 61Kg


The new IB7 is designed to prepare the perfect cup of coffee in a limited space. A machine in an attractive, compact design, but has all the features of IBERITAL machines such as robustness and durability. It is the "Missing Piece" in the world of the discerning coffee.

The IB7 of IBERITAL embodies the vision of a classical machine of the 20th century and combines it with a technically advanced model from durable materials and stainless steel. A combination of ergonomics and elegant design.